Public Resources

Secretary of State - County Elections Offices

In order to register to vote with an absentee ballot, visit this page to find contact information and website links to county elections offices in each California county. (Read More)

Secretary of State - Voter Registration

Visit the Secretary of State's voter registration website to figure out how to register to vote. (Read More)

Official California Legislative Information

Find out information about a bill you are interested in, find your elected state representative by zip code and navigate to his or her webpage for his or her contact information, find out how a bill becomes a law in California, look up California codes and statutes, and access legislative publications and calendars. (Read More)

California Forward

California Forward's mission is to work with Californians to help create a "smart" government - one that's small enough to listen, big enough to tackle real problems, smart enough to spend our money wisely in good times and bad, and honest enough to be held accountable for results. Click this link to stay informed on the progress of projects to make California Forward's mission a reality. (Read More)

California Forward Reform Plan

California Forward's goal is a state government that works, creating a prosperous economy, quality environment, and community equity for everyone. Our proposed structural changes to the state's governance, fiscal, and operational processes will achieve: improved education, increased employment, decreased poverty, decreased crime, and improved health. (Read More)

California Department of Industrial Relations

Please visit this website if you have a labor law related question or need to report a violation of a labor law. From here you can access the following websites: the Labor Commissioner, Cal/OSHA, the Division of Workers' Compensation, the Division of Apprenticeship Standards, the Division of Labor Statistics and Research, and the State Mediation and Consultation Service. (Read More)

How a Bill Becomes a Law

Visit the California Legislatures website to find out how a bill becomes a law in California. (Read More)

Find a Law - THOMAS (Library of Congress)

Use Thomas.Gov along with to look up pending federal legislation by bill number or sponsor, the Congressional Record, Presidential nominations and several other pieces of federal information. You can also use this site to contact members of Congress and access both the United States House of Representatives homepage and the United States Senate homepage. (Read More)

Find a Law - Look for Federal and Court Cases and Contact Congress

Use this site along with THOMAS to look up current federal court cases as well as opinions and decisions of past federal court cases as well as Federal Boards and Commissions. This site can also direct you to California Supreme Court. (Read More)

California Redistricting Commission

Visit the California Redistricting Commission's website to get the latest on the once a decade redraw of California's state Senate and Assembly, Congressional, and Board of Equalization district maps. (Read More)

State and Local Governments on the Net

This website will give you access to all state boards, commissions, and departments in one place. You can also link to the homepage of all of California's statewide elected officials as well as the homepages for the California Assembly, Senate, and the Official California Legislative Information page. You will also find links to the homepage of every California county and over a hundred cities. (Read More)

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