ABC pressing Trump to kill PLAs

Jan. 30, 2018 - With President Donald Trump slated to deliver his State of the Union message tonight, the leading anti-worker contractor association in the country is lobbying the administration to do away with a cornerstone of fair government contracting – Project Labor Agreements.

In a Jan. 24 letter to the president, the Associated Builders and Contractors asked Trump to rescind President Barack Obama’s 2009 executive order that encouraged federal agencies to negotiate PLAs on all projects worth more than $25 million and to replace it with two new executive orders that would allow rogue builders to more easily cheat their workers on government contracts.

“The State Building Trades wants to make all of our affiliates aware of the ABC's effort," said State Building and Construction Trades Council President Robbie Hunter. "We don't know how seriously this is being taken by the administration, but we have to be prepared to react if the president goes along with them."

Project Labor Agreements are employed on both public and private projects, and in both cases they improve efficiency for our signatory contractors who know they will be supplied with the best skilled-and-trained workers in any given area. Construction workers know they will receive fair pay and decent benefits. PLAs also provide for employee pension funds, and they are written to maintain a skilled-and-trained workforce far into the future thanks to the state-approved apprenticeship programs that they help fund. 

PLAs do not automatically bar nonunion companies from obtaining government contracts. Anti-union organizations such as the ABC are opposed to PLAs, however, due to the minimum standards and local hiring requirements that they impose on employers, some of whom -- if they carry the banner of the ABC -- are more likely to low-ball contracts, pay their workers less money, and keep the windfall profits for themselves. 

Here’s the article from Construction Dive about the ABC letter:





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