2016 Monthly Columns from President Robbie Hunter

Lack of Common Sense Regulations Caused Public Health Disaster

February 2016 - I have often used this column to compare policies we have enacted that have served the state of California, business, and workers and their families well, with policies in other states run by extreme anti-worker politicians who care only about serving business and wealthy special interests, and the terrible price that working families often pay. (Read More)

High Speed Rail: California's Infrastructure Project that Will Change the Nation

August 2016 - California's High Speed Rail project, which will profoundly change not only our state but the entire nation, is now aggressively under construction, with tangible, visual accomplishments. (Read More)

Despite National Uncertainty, California Building Trades Workers Still Earned Victories

December 2016 - Well, the 2016 election is now in the history books, and it certainly delivered an ominous signal to Building Trades workers and their families across this country. (Read More)

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