Final Count Shows All Three Charter City Measures on November Ballot Failed

November 20, 2012 - We beat ABC in Escondido, Costa Mesa and Grover Beach.  Final ballot counts show that ABC-backed measures to convert three California cities from general law to charter status, for the purpose of avoiding paying construction workers prevailing wage, have all failed.

Election night returns showed that charter measures in Escondido in San Diego County and Costa Mesa in Orange County had been defeated. However, in Grover Beach in San Luis Obispo County, election night tallying showed Measure I-12 leading by 11 votes. That lead did not stand.  Final counting this week shows that Measure I-12 failed by four votes out of approximately 4,500 cast. Clearly, the united efforts of Building Trades workers made the difference in that extremely close election.

Congratulations to construction workers and building trades councils in all three of those cities for working in unity and solidarity to protect the prevailing wage from ABC’s attack. You made the difference.


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