Proposition 32: Corporate Billionaires' Quest to Force Workers to Shut Up

August 2012 - Apparently we union workers are far too successful affecting public policy in California. Why else would corporate billionaires be gathering and spending huge campaign war chests, for the third time in 14 years, to pass a law that would force us to shut up?

In 1998 it was Proposition 226. In 2005 it was Proposition 75. Now, in 2012, it is Proposition 32 that will silence workers’ voices and destroy our political clout, unless we beat it.

Those previous measures would have prohibited unions from making political contributions with money collected from paycheck deductions. But after voters realized that corporate funds would continue to flow unabated, with workers left powerless to respond, Propositions 226 and 75 were defeated.

So now in 2012, the greedy bastards have gotten sneakier. They claim that Proposition 32 bans contributions from both unions and corporations. Sound fair? It isn’t, because it exempts their secret Super PACs, which can raise unlimited amounts of money from corporate interests. It also carves out specific exemptions for non-corporate big businesses such as limited liability companies, limited partnerships, or real estate trusts, and it doesn’t affect the billionaires behind this insidious plot.

Further, it claims to prohibit both corporations and unions from using funds from paycheck deductions for political purposes. That cripples unions, but has no effect on corporations, who don’t make contributions with paycheck deductions. They make their contributions from their profits, outspending labor fifteen to one.

So the claim that this in any way restricts big business is a lie – a lie told to trick voters into thinking that by voting for this thing, they would be limiting corporate influence.  It’s a trick to cripple workers for the benefit of billionaires.

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